Most conservatories are too cold to use throughout the Winter months and many retain too much heat throughout the Summer because of the polycarbonate or glass roof.  Convert your conservatory into a cosy and inviting sunroom for the Spring and Summer!

Our revolutionary new system has been designed to stylishly clad the internal roof of a conservatory with insulation and PVC panelling that will help keep temperatures more stable whatever the season. Other benefits include the elimination of sun glare and a reduction in rain noise. No need for expensive lightweight-tin roof tiles as your existing roof is sufficient.

The whole process is Environmentally-friendly and only has 5% VAT included!!


Most conservatories suffer extreme temperature variation through out the year, making everyday use near impossible, Conservatory Conversion Roof Systems enables conservatory structures to perform like an Extension or Sun Room and reclaims your conservatory 'room' for everyday use.

  • Reduced glare
  • High reduction in rain noise
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Minimum installation disruption
  • 2 year Insurance backed guarantee
  • Only 5% VAT

Our SuperFOIL Insulation System makes a standard Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof, almost 200% more efficient in matching the temperatures found in the rest of your home

If you already have a conservatory, you already have the potential to reclaim that extra, habitable room.

To Summarise:
  • No alteration or removal of the existing roof required.
  • The new internal ceiling follows the contours and shape of the existing roof.
  • The external appearance of existing roof is virtually unaltered.
  • Minimum 5% light loss, light will be reflected down by the white ceiling delivering light into the room without the annoying glare.
  • Approved by HMRC to charge the reduced Government environmental incentive 5%VAT rate awarded to genuine energy saving systems like ours.
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